Download Here’s Sheepwith APK Action game Free for Android. What a day! I flew a biplane through a tight canyon barely escaping deadly spikes while saving a lost lamb from a pack of hungry pink wolves! I was just catching my breath when I saw a piranha approaching a sheep in scuba gear in the water! And it was only 5:00 AM!

Pink Girl House Construction 1 Pink Girl House Construction 2 Pink Girl House Construction 3


  • Fly 4 different aircraft’s saving sheep from vultures, wolves, piranhas and other dangers!
  • Share videos of your gameplay with your friends!
  • 35 challenging levels with lots of different enemies & hazards!
  • 5 colourful worlds each with its own gimmick!

Download APK (47 MB)

Requirements : 2.3 and up

Version : 1.008

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